What’s the real cost of ownership?

Got a quote for an EPoS System? Find out how much your EPoS System will cost you over the next 5 years by using our simple calculator.

Its no secret that an EPoS system can be a smart investment for your business. Installing the right EPoS system can save you a lot of time and money. It’s a big investment so its important to make sure you understand all of the costs involved.

We’ve created a simple calculator allowing you to compare EPoS system quotes. Taking into account both upfront, and ‘hidden’ costs, you can view your expenditure for the next five years.


Typical Costs of an EPoS System

Many EPoS suppliers aren’t transparent about their fees. What might at first seem like a great deal, can come with hidden support costs and license fees.
Features Average Costs from Alternative Supplier Average costs from
G&B Cash Registers
The Terminal
Our terminal cost includes the price of a printer and cash drawer.
£1,200 £1,950 plus VAT
Check if product import and screen layouts are included in the cost quoted, or if you’re expected to pay extra for this?
£200 All initial and ongoing set up work included for the first year.
Always check that any support costs are for the whole system – not per terminal. Some suppliers also insist you take out an annual support contract.
avg. £35
per terminal, per month
All ongoing programming, telephone and out of hours support for the first year.
Annual License Fee
Some suppliers will charge a yearly software license fee which can become costly over the lifetime of the system.
per terminal, per year
We don’t charge an annual license fee.
Check if training is included in the cost, or if you’re expected to pay extra for this.
£200 As much training as required for the first year at no additional cost.



How much will your EPoS System really cost you?

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