15″ Touch Screen Terminal fitted with the powerful Intel Celeron Ml 057U processor making it one of the fastest POS terminals in it class.

Enhanced with G&B POS EPoS Software, Ideal for Clubs – Pubs —
Bistro’s — Restaurants — Wine Bars — Fast Food — Takeaways.

 loyalty has been designed to help clients ensure that their
customers return for more!


By offering a loyalty to your customer you are taking advantage of one of the
best marketing tools used by the biggest retailer’s today.

Some of the key features of our loyalty system.

  • Store full customer information, address,
    email, expiry date, membership type,
    customer image.
  • Unlimited loyalty customers.
  • Flexible points earning and redemption.
  • Pre-payment.
  • Different price structures & points
    structure for different customer types.
    i.e Bronze member, Gold member.
Customer loyalty